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Australia Parents Visa in 2023

Here’s How Australian Parent Visas Will Be Impacted With New Reforms

The government seems inclined toward introducing new reform options following the recent review of the Australian immigration system. The authorities plan to launch a lottery system to deal with the growing backlog of parent visas. Plus, they want to introduce affordable temporary short-term parent visas, which might reset the permanent parent program permanently.



Furthermore, the Albanese government has put forward numerous reforms for international students, skilled workers, and families. All of this is aimed at improving the country’s migration system.


Interestingly, Home Affairs Minister Clare O’Neil has announced various changes to several visa subclasses after the review.

Did you know the parental visa application backlog changed from 35,000 to 120,000 between 2010 and 2022? Regardless, the availability of these visas has an annual cap of 8,500 places.

Most importantly, the government could lower the long-term temporary stay subclass 870 soon. While the period of stay is likely to be reduced, there is hope for the introduction of new and more affordable short-term stay visas for parents.

Furthermore, the government is interested in launching a lottery system to deal with the rapidly growing backlog for the parent visa category. Many countries, including New Zealand and Canada, have had success with the lottery model, as it has helped them manage access to restricted areas.

The report suggests that the processing time for parental visa applications lies somewhere between 30 and 50 years. This could be reduced to 15 years if the applicant has $48,000 for a contributing parent visa.

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