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Australia s Parent Migration System A Waiting Game

Applicants Stuck in Limbo With Australia’s Parent Migration System

Hello once again! Today we’ll be diving into a hot topic. It’s none other than Australia’s parent migration system. So let’s get right into it.


Have you heard that an expert panel has thrown a spotlight on the parent migration system and called it “cruel and unnecessary”?


Parents who are dreaming of joining their children in Australia are stuck in a backlog of 140,000 permanent parent visa applications. Now that’s massive!


The Parent Visa Conundrum


You see, There are two types of visas in the system:



The contributory visa is a hefty $47,955 per person. It is said that it’s to cover the public services for the parents as they grow older.


But, even after paying that amount, you’re still looking at a minimum of 12 years of waiting time.


The non-contributory visa has a lower cap and the waiting time is a jaw-dropping 40+ years.

Is Lottery System a Possible Solution?


Experts have suggested that a ballot system similar to Canada and New Zealand could be a possible solution.


Families with the intent of sponsoring a parent or grandparent to migrate could take part in the annual intake quota where names would be drawn.


But let’s be real, this system also has some drawbacks. It can leave many families uncertain because there’s a possibility that they may never win the lottery.



So, It’s pretty clear that the current system needs a big makeover. But, finding the right solution doesn’t seem that easy.


Will the government completely wipe out the permanent parent migration, while upsetting many overseas-born Australians?


Or will they increase the cap, potentially worsening housing and healthcare crises? The ballot system could be a middle ground, but unfortunately, it won’t provide certainty for families.


What are your thoughts on this issue? Share with us in the comments below. Keep following our blogs for updates on Australian Immigration.

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