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804 Visa Processing Time

Let’s Learn About 804 Visa Processing Time

You must be eager to learn about the 804 visa processing time. But before we discuss that, let’s explain what the 804 visa is for those who may not know already. Subclass 804 is an Australian visa for elderly parents who want to live with their children in Australia permanently.

804 visa holders are allowed to remain in Australia permanently while getting access to various benefits, including healthcare and medical insurance.

What’s interesting here is that subclass 804 is quite similar to subclass 103, which is another type of parent visa. These categories require the children of the holder to be living in Australia as a citizen, permanent resident, or eligible New Zealand citizen.

Moving on to the main event, the processing time for an 804 visa is around 13 to 30 years. However, you might face delays since every new applicant gets put in a queue.

Now the government doesn’t impose a cap on the number of 804 visas issued annually. However, there is a massive backlog due to the inflow of so many applications. As a result, applicants are forced to wait for up to 30 years to have their 804 visa application processed. You may take other alternative routes to parent visas, but please know that every option comes with a unique set of requirements, costs, and eligibility criteria.

It should be noted that 804 visa applications with incomplete information or documentation can face prolonged delays. Therefore, you should double-check your application thoroughly if you are serious about obtaining this visa. Plus, applicants interested in learning more about the 804 visa processing time should consult qualified immigration solicitors before making any significant decisions.

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