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Australian TR Process (Temporary Resident Visa) Requirements

Time-Saving Health Examination Changes For Australian Temporary Visas

In today’s blog, we will explain in detail the recent health examination changes the Australian Government has proposed for a select few temporary visas.

The Immigration Department has recently notified of a change in its policy where several temporary visa types will no longer be required to undertake medical examinations based on their nationality, precious residence, and proposed length of stay. This means that several Australian temporary visa applicants may no longer be asked to meet the health requirements as part of their visa processing.

But it must be noted that this arrangement is in place for applicants that are already in Australia and the following visa subclasses:

  • Subclass 401 (Temporary Work)
  • Subclass 403 (Temporary Work International Relations)
  • Subclass 405 (Investor Retirement)
  • Subclass 407 (Training)
  • Subclass 408 (Temporary Activity)
  • Subclass 410 (Retirement)
  • Subclass 417 & 462 (Working Holiday)
  • Subclass 461 (New Zealand Citizen Family Relationship)
  • Subclass 476 (Skilled Recognised Graduate)
  • Subclass 482 (Temporary Skill Shortage)
  • Subclass 485 (Temporary Graduate)
  • Subclass 500 (Student)
  • Subclass 590 (Student Guardian)
  • Subclass 600 (Visitor)
  • Subclass 870 (Sponsored Parent – Temporary)
  • Subclass 995 (Diplomatic – Temporary)

Therefore, if you are applying for a temporary visa outside of Australia, you still need to meet the health requirements by undergoing a medical examination.

Though these changes will make the processing times faster, there are still a few situations where some temporary visa applicants in Australia will be asked to go for a relevant health examination.

Below is the list of situations where the temporary visa applicant will be required to proceed with their medical examination.

  • Have applied previously for medical treatment, temporary protection, or a provisional visa.
  • During their stay are likely to incur medical costs and expenses
  • Are looking to work (or study) as a doctor, nurse, dentist, or paramedic. The exemption does not apply if they are likely to enter a hospital, aged, or disability care facility.
  • If they are pregnant or hoping to give birth in Australia.
  • Is likely to be working with children at an Australian childcare center
  • In compliance with a visitor visa – if you are aged over 75 years
  • Have had any past household contact with tuberculosis
  • Are asked by the department to do so

It is important to understand that the Department might still request you to undergo a medical examination if they consider it necessary. But if you have already made an appointment for a health examination with Bupa Medical Services that you have not yet attended. You will be refunded for the cancellation of your appointment. If you don’t receive an appointment cancellation message, you must attend. You will not receive a refund in the case of attended appointments.

Though this is a temporary measure set for a review to be held in early 2023, it is good news for many temporary visa applicants who have been anticipating the acceptance of their visa application for a long time.

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