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All The Costs You Need To Pay For Canadian Immigration

Let’s help you learn about the charges you have to bear to immigrate to Canada;

Processing Fee: Applicants interested in migrating to Canada are required to pay the processing fee to the provincial or federal government of Canada to have their application reviewed. Now, the charges are likely to vary from less than $100 to thousands of Canadian dollars. The processing fees were increased by the government in 2022, and it further plans to adjust the charges according to the inflation rate in spring 2024.

Consultation and Representation Fee: It goes without saying that you must pay to hire an immigration consultant or lawyer, for which the charges could be anywhere between a few hundred to a thousand dollars. It should be noted that hiring a consultant does not speed up the processing of your application. However, it keeps you from making mistakes, such as misrepresentation of information, that could lead to the refusal of your application. You are strongly advised to hire the right immigration consultant who has all the knowledge to help you. This is because an incompetent consultant can turn out to be a problem instead of a solution.

Right of Permanent Residence Fee (RPRF); You may know this fee as the landing fee. The RPRF is applicable to the principal applicant as well as their common-law partner or spouse. Although, there may be some exceptions. The existing fee for this is $515 per person.

Biometrics Fee: Every applicant is required to give biometrics to be eligible for Canadian immigration in 2023, regardless of their nationality. The existing cost for biometrics is $170 per family and $85 per person.

What Other Expenses Should You Consider?

Medical Examination: What’s important to note here is that every family member is required to undergo a medical exam. The examination is conducted by a panel physician who charges you for their services. The amount you have to pay to a panel physician depends on the complexity of your medical issues and your location.

Preparation and Translation of Documents: These charges apply when you have to get your documents translated into English or French languages by an expert.

Additional Costs: You should always consider other expenses that might come up as you move forward with the application process. It often happens you may need to visit Canada for exploration purposes, or pay a good-faith deposit to specific provinces, hire an accountant, appoint mailing services to send your documents, and so on. Plus, you may need to hire a property appraiser and travel to another city or country for biometrics verification.

Visit the official website of the Government of Canada for more information.

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