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July 24, 2023

4 NEW EXCITING CHANGES in Canadian Immigration

Last month in June 2023, IRCC announced its first-ever thorough Tech Talent Strategy, intended to entice and keep foreign STEM talent within Canada’s tech segment. Please keep in mind that the strategy comprises of four new changes in immigration programs and plans which are:


  • Canadian H-1B Work Permit
  • Digital Nomad Visa
  • Start-Up Visas
  • Exemption of Labor Market Impact Assessment


Key Changes announced by the IRCC.


Canadian H-1B Work Permit:


Initiated on 16 July, 2023, this scheme permitted H-1B occupation visa holders in the United States to make and application for open work permits in Canada for up to three years. The Canadian H-1B Work Permit was extremely popular, especially among Indian and Chinese H-1B visa holders in the United States, and all 10,000 slots were filled inside two days.


Digital Nomad Visa:


This scheme permits applicants to move to Canada with visitor status for up to six months while working remotely for a foreign employer. Please keep in mind that no work permit is required for the Digital Nomad Visa.


Exemptions for the Labor Market Impact Assessment:


Good news. By the end of 2023, Canada will launch a new innovation stream under its International Mobility Program, generating an immunity for employers from the tough labor market impact assessment process before recruiting workers from outside Canada.

Improved Processing Times and More Start-Up Visas:


It should be noted that Canada plans to enhance its processing times for specific immigration applications and improve visa options for STEM talent and start-ups. This includes recommencing 14-day service for work permits under the Global Skills Strategy and allotting extra spots for the Start-up Visa Program.

Our video ends here. Don’t forget to comment below and share your opinion with us regarding the new changes coming to Canadian Immigration. Thanks for watching today’s video update.

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