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Canada Immigration News Updates July 2023

Canadian Immigration Updates: July 2023

This blog highlights the following Canadian immigration updates;

  • Biometrics Mandatory For PR Applicants
  • The Second Targeted Express Entry Draw
  • Open Work Permit Stream for US H-1B Visa Holders
  • Canada’s First-Ever Tech Talent Strategy
  • Latest Provincial Immigration Results

Biometrics Now Mandatory For Canadian Permanent Residence Applicants

After the update on 14 June 2023, all Canadian permanent residence applicants now have to provide biometrics, including a digital photo and fingerprints. Biometrics proves helpful in verifying the applicant’s identity, ultimately preventing fraud.



Canada Held The Second Targeted Express Entry Draw

Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) conducted its second targeted Express Entry draw for healthcare workers on 7 July 2023. 700 candidates with valid Express Entry profiles and work experience as healthcare workers were invited in the draw.

Canada Launched An Open Work Permit Stream for US H-1B Visa Holders

Talking about the latest Canadian immigration updates, IRCC launched an open work permit stream for US H-1B visa holders on 16 July 2023. As a result, eligible US H-1B visa holders will be able to live and work in Canada for as long as three years.

Canada Introduced Its First-Ever Tech Talent Strategy

The Canadian government surprised the world with its first-ever Tech Talent Strategy on 11 July 2023. Needless to say, the newly announced strategy is aimed at attracting and retaining tech experts in Canada. The strategy comes with several measures, including extended support for tech startups and the availability of different tech visas. Steps are also being taken to make permanent residency more accessible for tech workers.

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Latest Provincial Immigration Results

Looking at the recent provincial immigration results, Quebec, Manitoba, Alberta, Ontario, and British Columbia sent invitations to candidates under different immigration streams, including the Express Entry, Entrepreneur, and Skilled Worker programs.

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