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Unlocking the Secrets of UK Visa Processing Times ~ UK Study visa, UK Family Visa & UK Visit Visa

UK Visa Processing Times: How Long Will It Take?

Are you planning to travel to the UK? Then you are in the right place. We’re here to help you navigate the UK visa processing times. In this blog, we will discuss the processing time for:

  • Visit visa
  • Student visa
  • Family visa


The UK is the most favourable destination for travellers, and a great inrush is seen in visa applications each year.

The UK visa processing time depends on several factors, including:

  • Your Visa type
  • Your nationality
  • Current application traffic

Things You Should Keep In Mind

It’ll be wise to finalise your travel plans after applying for a UK visa to ensure that you lock in suitable travel dates.

Hasten your visa application process if time is crucial for you, and for that, expedited processing can be an excellent option.

You are offered two primary methods by the UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI) department to kick-start your UK visa application:

  • Using the UK Immigration ID Check app
  • A biometric appointment at a visa application center

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UK Visa Processing Times

Visit Visas:

  • Standard Visitor: 3 weeks
  • Permitted Paid Engagement: 3 weeks
  • Marriage Visitor: 3 weeks

Study Visas:

  • Student: 3 weeks
  • Child Student: 3 weeks
  • Study English in the UK (6 to 11-month courses): 3 weeks

Family Visas:

  • Partner or Spouse: 24 weeks
  • Parent: 24 weeks
  • Child: 24 weeks
  • Adult coming to be cared for by a relative: 24 weeks

Monitor the progress after you submit your visa application. You can check the application status using the tracking facility provided by the UK government’s official website. The countdown starts once the complete application and required documents are received.

It is wise to talk to an authorised immigration solicitor if you are facing any delays.

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