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Decoding the Tough UK Points Based Immigration System

Refining the UK Points-Based Immigration Rules

The UK has been facing a tough time, with net migration reaching a record-high. It’s no surprise the government plans to take measures through the UK point-based immigration rules. If you’re planning to migrate to the UK, then make sure to read this blog.


Skilled Migrants in Trouble?

Suella Braverman, the Home Secretary, is looking to introduce major changes in the UK PBS (points-based system). Right now, skilled workers can get a visa if the job offers an income of £26,200 which is 20% lower than the median average salary of £33,280 in the country. Now, the goal of Braverman’s proposal is to raise this threshold.

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Rules Revised For Dependents

Regarding the dependents coming into the country, the UK Immigration Rules are expected to become stricter, including for unskilled workers’ families. Braverman introduced a notable change in May that restricts most international students from inviting families to the country. The silver lining is that there will be exceptions made for a few students on postgraduate research programs.

Looking Back At The UK Points-Based Immigration Rules

The former Home Secretary, Priti Patel, introduced the UK point-based immigration rules back in 2020. The idea was to treat EU nationals equally compared with individuals from other countries. However, a need for review presented itself when last year’s net migration saw a record high of 606,000.

To ensure that the UK’s points-based immigration rules are on par with the country’s broader economic and social goals, the UK is vigorously revising its approach. So, if you’re planning to migrate, make sure that you are well-informed on the latest regulation updates.

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