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Are You Eligible for a Dependent Visa?

Are you interested in travelling to the UK as a dependent? Well, today, we’ll be talking all about UK Dependent Visas, so stick with us to find out if you’re eligible for it.


Who’s Considered a Dependent?


The general rule is that you would be considered a dependent if you fall under the following.


  • Spouse or Civil Partner
  • Unmarried Partner living for at least 2 years with the main applicant
  • An under-18 child


You must submit specific documentation as part of your application. This will be used as proof of your relationship with the main applicant.


The good news for dependents is that there are a variety of immigration routes open to them to apply along with the main applicant.


Some of these routes are:


But, of course, you must meet the requirements.

Important UK Immigration Update


At the moment, postgraduate students on a Student visa are allowed to have a dependent in the UK.


But, from January 2024 onwards, only postgraduate students with a research focus can bring their family to the UK.


However, there’s another route for you to consider

The Adult Dependent Relative Visa


This visa route is applicable if you’re over 18 years of age and are sponsored by a UK relative. However, there are some requirements you must meet.


Now the threshold for this visa can be pretty high. The applicant must prove they’d need long-term personal care daily because of illness, disability or age.

You’ll also need to show that care is either not affordable or unavailable for the applicant.


Got any queries on UK Dependent Visas? Share with us in the comments below.


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