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The Storm of CriticismUK Student Visa Rules Face Intense Backlash UK Study Visa 2023

UK Government’s New UK Student Visa Rules Draw Criticism

Did you know the UK government announced the implementation of new UK student visa rules to restrict the permissions granted by a Student visa earlier this year?



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Following that announcement about the new UK student visa rules, international students will not be permitted to have their dependent family members accompany them to the UK from January 2024. This doesn’t include students studying in the UK on post-graduate routes.



As a result, children and spouses of overseas students will need to consider alternative routes to join the student visa holder in the UK. Meanwhile, the government has also promised to collaborate with the higher education sector to explore alternative routes so that overseas students can bring dependents while studying at the UK’s leading universities.

Another change relates to the requirements for funds students are supposed to have to show they can take care of themselves and their dependents in the UK. Moreover, international students are now obligated to finish their education officially before switching to a work visa.

The government seems adamant about stopping fraudulent international student agents who could be involved in supporting inappropriate applications.

More information about this matter is expected to be disclosed later this year, so keep following us to stay updated with the latest details. Needless to say, the proposed updates are radical and likely to be met with a lot of opposition.

We hope you found this information helpful. Follow our blogs for the latest updates and informative content on UK immigration.


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