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July 3, 2023

Undergraduate Students Remain Unaffected By New UK Visa Rules

UK’s Deputy Foreign Minister, Lord Tariq Ahmad, confirmed that the visa policy is not for Indian undergraduate students. He stated it is for students travelling to the UK to pursue doctoral education or participate in one-year research. Foreign Minister Tariq Ahmad wants India to collaborate more with the UK on science and technology. He also plans to visit Hyderabad to meet startups and look at their innovations.



He further added that the UK government realizes the benefits Indian students offer to the UK.



While giving an exclusive interview to NDTV, he expressed how undergraduate students are always welcome for education and research.

The authorities decided to make a few tweaks to visa rules for Ph.D. and research students who are in the UK for a year and leave without finishing their research. It should be noted His visit shows India-UK relations are improving following the pro-Khalistan protests.

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