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Canada in Focus The 5 Most Impactful Canada Immigration Updates Developments of 2023 CIC News

Top 5 Canadian Immigration Developments For 2023

Canada has been on the way to many changes in 2023 in immigration. Out of many, in this blog we bring you the top 5 immigration developments you can expect this year. So make sure you read the complete list so you’re well aware of the upcoming changes.

1. New Plan For Immigration Levels

In November, the government is expected to release its Immigration Levels Plan for the year 2024-2026.

This plan will carry out all the details about the total number of Canada PR visas that will be granted for the next three years. It will also include certain allocations for many programs.

2. Updates on the Express Entry System

This year, category-based selection has been introduced by the Express Entry system. For 2023, there have been six categories chosen, and for 2024, the announcements are expected in the coming months.

3. Strategy For Tech Talent

With the new Tech Talent Strategy introduced by Canada, the goal is to address the high demand for current jobs and attract more global talent for future opportunities.

The upcoming Innovation Stream under the International Mobility Program (IMP) is a highlight to support the high-tech industries of Canada.

4. Parents and Grandparents Program (PGP)

Invitations for 24,200 potential sponsors will be sent out under the PGP from October 10, 2023. Through this program, permanent residents and citizens will be able to sponsor their parents and grandparents for Canada PR.

5. Focus on International Students

This year, Canada is striving to bring in 900,000 international students. Soon, more details are expected on the proposed 2-tier model for study permits. This permit is also known as the Trusted Institutions Framework.

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