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The time of the annual USCIS H 1B Visa Lottery FY2022 is here

The time of the annual USCIS H-1B Visa Lottery (FY2022) is here

Today’s blog update brings you the latest news and details on the H-1B Lottery.

The H-1B visa is the workhorse of nonimmigrant visa categories authorizing accountants, IT professionals, architects, designers, business/operations analysts, doctors, engineers, researchers, lawyers, teachers, and many other professionals to work in the United States.

The H-1B lottery is held every year for those employed in a specialty profession role (a position that requires a bachelor’s or higher degree in a related academic field) to deliver the opportunity to work in H-1B status.

The lottery allows the government to randomly distribute the limited number (85,000) of H-1B visas to around 300,000 annual lottery registrants.

In 2021, there was a 27.8 percent possibility of securing a selection via the H-1B lottery. By this fact, it is wise to register for the H-1B lottery at the first opportunity, even though the employee’s work permission might not expire for two years or more.

The H-1B visa lottery operates as follows:

  • Using an online registration system, companies will enter their workers in a lottery held between March 1 – 18.
  • Candidates will be chosen at the end of March. There will then be a 90-day window for employers to file H-1B petitions for employees elected in the H-1B lottery.

Consider the following foreign national employees:

(1) workers who were not chosen in previous lotteries; (2) workers who are now working abroad; (3) workers in F-1 student statuses operating OPT, STEM OPT, or CPT work permission; (4) workers in TN, E-3, or a dependent to a principal visa holder (H-4, L-2, E-3D, etc.) working on EAD; and ultimately, (5) workers who you might consider for green card sponsorship in the future.

What is the H-1B Registration Timeline?

In February: Work with the legal team, foreign national applicants, and company stakeholders to provide the highest possible case strategy.

On February 21: Petitioners and registrants can start creating H-1B registrant accounts.

On March 1 – 18: H-1B registration period whereby registrants can finish and submit for the H-1B lottery.

On March 31: Date by which USCIS plans to inform selected registrants.

On October 1: The earliest possible opening date for a successful H-1B petition (if your registration was selected and the petition approved).

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