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September 15, 2023

Biden Administration’s New Immigration Plan on Work Permits

Job shortage for immigrants in the US is no secret, but there can be a light at the end of the tunnel as the Biden Administration has offered a new immigration plan. Know more about it in this blog!

Effort To Reform Work Permit

The Biden Administration is vigorously encouraging immigrants who are eligible to go for work permits. This is done to face the crisis brought in by a high inrush of immigrants. Big cities like New York are facing the burden of this.

The White House is trying its best to offer these immigrants job opportunities. This strategy aims to reduce the financial and political impact of this rising problem. It is a situation that has been creating issues for years now.

Pressure On President Biden

There is now great pressure on President Biden‘s shoulders due to the current situation. The resources in various American cities, especially New York, are being stretched thin because of the high number of immigrants.

The administration’s main aim is to bring some financial and political relief from this crisis. There has been an ongoing search for a solution for two years to enhance the immigration system, which has been considered dysfunctional for decades.

President Biden’s own party is calling out to face this fallout, which has impacted the Mexico border.

Challenges Under Federal Regulation

One of the rules, according to federal regulation, that makes it challenging for cities like New York is that migrants need to wait around six months after filling out their asylum application to be allowed to work in the country.

Due to this, there is a high number of immigrants in the city who have sought refuge and are straining the system.

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