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Bidens Fast Track Immigration The Bare Truth Unveiled USCIS News 2023

The real truth of the New U.S. fast-track immigration program

It was disclosed in a recent case study carried out by Harvard Law School which has raised apprehensions about the Dedicated Docket program, a scheme initiated by the Biden administration in the year 2021 to accelerate the processing of asylum cases. Sabrineh Ardalan led the case, and Tiffany Lieu, found the whole agenda to be “neither expeditious nor fair.”

Furthermore, the research determined the Boston Dedicated Docket, the greatest of its kind in the US. It exposed that applicants in Boston have restricted access to lawful guidance and suffer a higher probability of deportation from the US. From August 2022, only 4% of concluded cases resulted in asylum grants, but 34% resulted in removal orders.

The researchers contend that the program’s operation and concept make it almost impossible for numerous asylum seekers to apply for asylum because of insufficient time to make a case and lack of access to counsel. They link advocates across the US in calling for the termination of the Dedicated Docket program. If it carries on, they suggest steps for example stopping in absentia removal orders and making sure access to legal counsel is made possible.



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