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IRCC Considers A New Processing Method For Temporary Work Permits

TFWP: IRCC Considers A New Processing Method For Temporary Work Permits

Did you know IRCC is looking at a new processing method for work permit applicants belonging to the Temporary Foreign Worker Program (TFWP)?



According to IRCC’s proposal, the authorities plan to lower inventories, provide better client service, and reduce the shortage of labour in Canada effectively.

The proposal that was put forward in December last year would be applicable to international workers who already hold a Canadian work permit and are trying to obtain another permit to continue working in the same job for the same employer, regardless of their location.

The new method empowers the Global Case Management System (GMCS) to pull applications into specific folders on a daily basis.

Here are the eligibility requirements workers would have to fulfill.

  • They need to have been an employer-specific work permit holder once in the last five years without discrepancies from the applications submitted earlier.
  • Applicants are required to submit a new and complete employer-specific work permit application.
  • Workers must work in the same occupation under the same National Occupation Classification (NOC) code.
  • Workers must provide biometrics while submitting their new application or before.
  • They have to fulfill the rest of the eligibility criteria throughout the screening procedure.



The TFWP allows Canadian employers to recruit workers in case they are unable to find sufficiently qualified employees to fill vacant positions.

Workers coming to Canada via the TFWP hold close work permits, permitting them to work for only one employer in Canada.

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What Is The Current Method Of Processing Applications?

Currently, an officer is responsible for evaluating every work permit applicant to see if they should be approved.

It also includes a thorough review of the applicant’s qualifications, work experience, language proficiency, education, and other licensing requirements.

The officer confirms if the applicant has a genuine employment offer by seeing the employer is actively involved in their venture, pays employee wages, and complies with provincial and federal employment laws.

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