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Big Change Canada Study Visa Updates April 2024 Everything you need to know!

2024 Canada International Student Visa Update

Today’s blog update is about the Changes in application procedures for International Students  aiming at getting an education, earning money and residing in Maple Country.


The visa extension allow Canada students to work one year more in the country who are going to pursue a master’s degree in 2024.

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The headlines regarding immigration to Canada in 2024 were expected to be life changing for youngsters hoping to pursue their education abroad. The new rules for international students in Canada 2024 have left students with a lot of questions.

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The major facet of these newly introduced regulations on international students in Canada would affect students with different backgrounds and upbringings. For Canada study permits in 2024, it is absolutely vital for every applicant to be aware of these updates by IRCC and the application process is changed as well.

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According to the revised rules of immigration to Canada, the majority of candidates who apply for a Canada student visa will be required to supply a Provincial Attestment Letter also known as PAL, which should accompany the application. It is the fact that PAL was not included when submitting a study visa in 2024 as a requirement that there would the most probable reason to reject the application. This clearly acts as a pre-condition for those applicants who wish to get through undergraduate or postgraduate programmes like diploma and certificate in Canada.

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Moreover, the International Students who have selected Canada as a destination to pursue their master’s or doctorate programs would not be required to add a Provincial Attestment Letter with the application currently.


While some post-secondary institutions across Canada might have been forced to pause their application suits for international students, the IRCC the latest updates will be an amazing piece of news to the study-in-Canada aspirants.


Canadian government admits 3 years class-relevant Work permit that allows students to stay upon graduation. This then offers to the graduated students the requisite time for getting work experience in Canada before finding permanent choices of residence upon end of the education in the same country.


Post-study Canada work visa continues to stimulate people’s faith in Canadian visas and they can also CIC work permit if they are looking to settle in CIC after course completion. Besides the post-study work visa requirement change, which is also one of the new rules for international students next year in Canada, the candidates who need study visibility will also be affected by this change. Earlier, students used to be able to take up a private college course or program in Canada but with the completion with this program they had receive an official diploma for the same from a public college in Canada.


The prospective Indian students may still be entitled to execute such applications in 2024 but they won’t be given a work permit that can be processed once they get done with their graduation. Hence it is recommended that applying for programs those in Canada, give the option for post-study work visas to its students after their course completion, should be one’s end goal.


The harbinger of Canada immigration 2024 has touched upon yet another vital element that is Canadian student visa. For the most part, they would recommend their spouses to apply for the open work visa in Canada who also have similar study abroad dreams. On the other hand, the Canada student spouse visa in 2024 schedule will be different based on the selected course/program of studies that students will take in Canada.


This condition was applicable for one year inclusively of January 2023. Every individual who applies for a study permit in any level of the program in Canada could apply for a spouse open work permit no matter which level of the program they selected.


Nevertheless, the role of women would diverge the following year. Students who aspire to be in Canada in the coming year of 2024 and want to get their higher education here in Canada, they must be either studying masters or doctoral program or else they will not be successful in the security clearance which is mandatory for sponsorship of their spouse.


As a result, these updates will either aid students who wish to obtain an education in Canada or have an adverse effect on those who don’t have the means to do it. Undergraduate and postgraduate students being youthful again will significantly decrease admission to Canada as it is predicted to be 35% among international students in 2024.


Educating at the level of Canadians is more complicated and difficult compared with twenty eighteen, but it is still achievable. The potential Canada students should not miss out on the opportunity to submit their application visa for Canada 2024 according to the new rules are its chances of approval are very likely.

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Dissagreement of immigrant rules in result may be problem for foreign students interested in studying in Canada in 2024. Among the things that these changes hold high has led to a lot of questions among prospects of whether they qualify, of whether they will get acceptance or on how they will apply for Canada student visas.

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