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February 26, 2023

Visit Canada On A Temporary Work Permit And Visa

It is safe to say that Canada is a pretty popular country when it comes to attracting foreign workers and visitors. As a result, the government of Canada has introduced various types of work and visitor visas to make travelling convenient for foreign nationals.

Out of all the newly created work visas, The Temporary Foreign Worker Program or TFWP is for workers interested in finding short-term employment in Canada. So, let’s help you learn about the TFWP and how you can apply for a visa under this program.

The Temporary Foreign Workers Program presents work opportunities to international workers looking for short-term employment in Canada. This program permits approved applicants to work in Canada for only 6 months, but the duration could be extended under specific circumstances.

During the originally permitted 6 months, the international worker gets a visa and a work permit to only work for a single employer. Plus, approved applicants are required to follow all Canadian laws while living in the city or territory where they are employed. Moreover, the worker is allowed to go for an extension before their work permit and visa are about to expire. Otherwise, the worker should exit Canada, returning to their home country when their work permit and visa expire.

Follow these steps to apply for the Temporary Foreign Worker Program;

  • Secure an employment offer in Canada
  • Get the Labour Market Impact Assessment or LMIA
  • Submit an application for the work visa and permit
  • Pass the visa interview
  • Wait till your visa is processed and approved
  • Go to Canada

You may visit the Government of Canada’s official website for more details.

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