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New Service Launched For International Students In Canada

IDP Education Introduces A New Service For International Students In Canada

IDP Education has finalized a new partnership to make trusted and licensed immigration advice more accessible for international students in Canada.

Now students can understand every requirement and properly prepare applications for different visa categories, including permanent residency.

Area Director, Canada, and Latin America at IDP, Robert Raposo, stated that the new service is being introduced to address the concerns of international students regarding the lack of trusted and qualified advisors.

He further added that international students have aspired to move to Canada permanently for a long time. However, they didn’t have access to qualified people to help them go through the migration process in a seamless manner.

International students were mainly concerned about navigating the process correctly, which made them more anxious about executing their plans to move.

Now the consultants and lawyers with whom IDP education has partnered are highly qualified and trusted experts.

The service aims to provide free webinars and briefings to customers, helping them move forward with the immigration process without hesitation.

Moreover, the announcement of the new service comes at a time when Canada’s popularity among international students is at its peak.

International students across the globe prefer to study in Canada because it offers high-quality education, employment opportunities, and favourable immigration policies.

IDP’s primary role is to assist students in succeeding in their education journey. Plus, it allows them to easily connect with a new community and become global ambassadors for Canada and their home country.

The new immigration service is available at offices in Vaughan, Vancouver, and Toronto. Plus, you can access it online from anywhere in Canada. This service adds efficiency to IDP Canada’s existing local education counselling while supporting students after they come to Canada.

Visit the official website of IDP Canada for more information.

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