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Open Work Permit for Canadas Dependent Visa Canada Spouse Visa Holders Work in Canada 2023

Spouses and Dependents Can Work in Canada Without Restrictions

Toward the end of May, IRCC established a new temporary public policy for dependent children and spouses applying under Canada Family Class Sponsorship. As a result of this policy, they can seek employment in Canada while their application awaits processing.



This public policy will grant an Open Work Permit to foreign nationals interested in living and working in Canada via Family Class Sponsorship. Interestingly, it also includes dependent children aged above 18 years.



These Open Work Permits were previously only granted under the inland spousal sponsorship program. However, they are now being expanded for people applying from outside Canada.

According to IRCC, issuing Open Work Permit to such people will bring financial stability to their families and equip them to settle in the community easily. Plus, it will help overcome severe labour shortages across occupations listed in the Canada In-demand Occupation List. The newly established policy has the potential to boost family reunification by providing temporary resident status, along with employment opportunities for dependent children, partners, and spouses while they wait to obtain permanent residency.

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