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Rwanda Asylum Plan Ruled Unlawful by UK Court

The UK Government’s Rwanda Asylum Plan was recently declared unlawful by the UK Court of Appeal. As far as the ruling goes, Lord Chief Justice Burnett bypassed the finding of the High Court. He further wrote that the removal of asylum seekers to Rwanda would remain unlawful until the faults in its asylum processes are eliminated.



The court accepted the assurances offered by the government of Rwanda, believing them to be made in good faith. However, the majority thinks that the UK government faced incompetency in enacting the necessary changes. As a result, the plan violates Article Three of the European Convention on Human Rights and the government’s compliance is required by the Parliament, as the court stated.



The Rwanda asylum plan enacted in 2022 has faced significant opposition from different human rights organizations. According to those entities, the plan is unjustifiable and immoral. Plus, they believe it breaches the UK’s international human rights obligations. In case you are unaware, the Rwanda plan would ban asylum seekers who arrive in the UK illegally from claiming UK citizenship or settlement. Moreover, they wouldn’t be allowed to re-enter the UK after removal. According to the plan, such asylum seekers would be returned to their home countries or deported to a safe third country, like Rwanda.

UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has expressed his disagreement with the Court of Appeal’s decision in a statement. He argued that Rwanda is a safe country, and the government gets to decide who enters the UK. Prime Minister Rishi Sunak challenged to turn this into a reality by all means.

UK Home Secretary Suella Braverman regarded this entire situation as an unsustainable problem that should be fixed. She further expressed the government’s disappointment over the court’s decision. Regardless, Suella Braverman promised to file an application seeking permission to appeal the judgement.

Meanwhile, the illegal immigration bill has faced serious condemnation from the upper house of Parliament. Consequently, the case is now expected to be handled by the Supreme Court.

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