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Rishi Sunak Turns Immigration Officer For A Day UK Arrests 105

Rishi Sunak Turns Immigration Officer For A Day, UK Arrests 105

The arrests occurred at commercial properties, such as car washes, restaurants, barber shops, convenience stores, and nail bars.



Prime Minister Rishi Sunak accompanied the Home Office enforcement officials on a raid in the midst of a countrywide crackdown on illegal migration. Furthermore, the raid resulted in the arrest of 105 foreign nationals belonging to 20 different nationalities.



Rishi Sunak, aged 43 years, wore a bulletproof vest to join in on the action in Brent, North London, to watch how Immigration Enforcement officers work.

Rishi Sunak has made eliminating illegal migration his government’s primary priority before the anticipated general election next year. He also shared a grim tweet outlining the UK’s viewpoint on illegal migration and criminal activity after the operation.

He commented that the operation makes it clear that the UK still controls who enters the country. Plus, he mentioned that people indulging in criminal activities are not welcome in the UK.

The Home Office highlighted the operation as an important step in the ongoing work by Immigration Enforcement officers to curb illegal migration. According to the officials, the raids aim to tackle illegal migration by damaging the business model of criminal gangs who offer black market jobs to lure people to the UK illegally.

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