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June 19, 2023

How Long Do Family Visas Take To Be Processed?

You must be fully aware of visa processing times if you plan to visit the UK on family visas, such as a spousal visa, or if you wish to extend an existing family visa in the UK. Knowing how long it takes to process family visas helps you make your travel plans accordingly.


The current processing time for someone who applies for a spousal visa from outside the UK is 6 months from the date you submit your biometrics at a visa application centre (VAC). Moreover, the consideration process can be sped up depending on your location.



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These options are generally more expensive. For instance, priority processing costs up to £60, which is way above the standard processing. On the other hand, super-priority costs around £1,000. A faster decision is not guaranteed even if you opt for priority or super-priority processing. Don’t forget you are not allowed to visit the UK after submitting your application. Wait until the VAC returns your vignette and passport.

When it comes to extending your spousal visa from inside the UK, the processing time is significantly lesser. You should hear back from the authorities within 8 weeks of providing your biometrics. If you choose to purchase a super-priority processing service, you are likely to receive a decision within 2 working days after your biometrics appointment.

None of the processing times are officially guaranteed by the Home Office. It may take longer, depending on the complexity of your case. Remember, This service is more expensive with an additional charge of £800. You are not advised to exit the UK after submitting your application. At least, not before your new Biometric Residence Permit arrives.

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