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Canada Speeds Up PR Processing For Foreign Students & Workers

In today’s Blog, we will look at Canada’s latest plans to transition more temporary employees to permanent residence.

The Canadian Immigration Minister Sean Fraser has revealed a plan to raise the number of foreign students and workers with a vast work experience for permanent residency in sectors with a constant labour shortage. This announcement was made after Liberal MP Randeep Sarai’s Private Member’s Motion M-44 was accepted by the House of Commons.

According to Sean Fraser, the Justin Trudeau government intends to create more routes to permanent residency available because temporary foreign workers and students are vital to Canada’s economy. He further added that international workers have a broad range of skills, and academic backgrounds, which assist corporate development, productivity and creativity, all of which are essential factors for the economic growth and recovery of Canada. International workers also help in solving the immediate labour requirements of several companies.

The Immigration Minister stated that international students help Canada’s workforce to grow, boost productivity and balance the effects created by an ageing population. The Minister plans to assist people in shifting from temporary to permanent residency by extending or transforming the current pathways for international nationals who are working in Canada and looking to stay, including foreign graduates. Various currently available programmes already provide a pathway to permanent residency for temporary international workers and international student graduates in Canada.

Per the immigration plan for 2022-2024, Canada will implement a ‘five-pillar approach to tackle the issue and will have a better, permanent labour supply. This proposition increases the chances for more temporary employees to transition to permanent residence to solve the problem of labour shortages and support Canada’s economic recovery after the pandemic.

Canada will revamp the Express Entry system, including giving more leniency to the immigration selection methods under Express Entry, especially for Canadian work experience,  language ability, education, and job offers.

Canada will be looking for better ways to shift in-demand vital workers, such as doctors, by reducing difficulties. Furthermore,  new changes will be introduced which include Canadian PR for migrants working in Canada under the Agri-food & home Care pilot programmes.

Under the Justin Trudeau administration, provinces and territories will be free to change and develop their immigration streams to fit their own requirements for the labour market. The government will update the immigration system through technological advancements to boost processing capacity and improve the client experience. All these programmes focus on speeding up the process of welcoming immigrants as permanent residents to Canada.

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