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A Fight for Freedom UK Asylum Seekers Struggle with the Home Office 1

Asylum Seekers are Targeted Again By The Home Office

As we all know, the UK has been stirring up controversies lately when it comes to immigration. It seems that Asylum seekers are to face another blow from the UK Home Office. So, let’s find out more details.


The UK Home Office has just bought tents to house around 2,000 asylum seekers. Their plan is to set them up next month on disused military bases. Now, the UK government is already under a bit of heat because of how they’re handling the asylum system.



Did you know that there are more than 100,000 cases on their backlog? Now, that’s a big number!


So, what’s the reason behind this decision?


Well, you see, they’ve been holding asylum seekers in hotels, but now they believe that it’s ‘not acceptable’. So instead, they’re now switching to these tents. But, as you might’ve guessed not everyone’s on board with this method. Refugee charities are raising their voice, claiming that it’s not humane and that it may cause legal challenges.



But, the Home Office is standing their ground. They say that it’s ‘basic but adequate’.And the locations are ‘ safe and secure’. Even so, the charities are still worried, and are pointing out concerns about sanitation, privacy and potential health risks that could trigger by living in tents.


So, it’s definitely a heated debate. On one hand people argue that these steps are necessary , given the backlog in the asylum system. While, others say that it’s downright inhumane and that it might even go against international law.

The Home Office? Well, they believe that they’re working on a ‘sustainable solution’ for housing asylum seekers. Now, what that solution is, still a bit of a question mark. In the meantime, this housing issue with the tents is going to keep raising eyebrows and sparking debates.


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