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Good News DHS Issues Guidance for Stateless Noncitizens in the United States

New USCIS Guidelines for Stateless Noncitizen

The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services also known as USCIS has announced new guidelines to help stateless noncitizens in the United States in getting immigration benefits. Stateless individuals, who are not lawfully believed to be citizens of any nation, often suffer rough challenges in getting fundamental services and prospects.


New Guidance for Stateless Noncitizens

Please note that, the new guidelines mention how and when USCIS may count in a noncitizen stateless for the purpose of arbitrating US immigration benefits or other demands. Alejandro N. Mayorkas, the Secretary of Homeland Security highlighted the pledge to tackle the global issue of statelessness and breaking down obstacles in the US.

Implementation for US Stateless Noncitizens


Please keep in mind that USCIS will make and execute new procedures to help officers in evaluating an individual’s potential statelessness. This includes:

  • Revising current training documents.
  • Planning robust training procedures.
  • Scheduling regular operating measures for internal assessment of potential statelessness.


Specially trained USCIS personnel will give advisory reports to help officers in making decisions about benefit or applications requests. The US Stateless Noncitizens guidance also delivers examples of documentation that might assist conclude statelessness.



The new guidelines represent a noteworthy step towards supporting the probable 218,000 stateless migrants living in the US. By applying these updates, the US Government plans to gather all-inclusive data on this helpless group and give them the chance to apply for immigration protections and welfare for which they are entitled.


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