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New PR and Study Visa Updates for Canada in 2024 Debunking the PR Myth in 2024

New PR and Study Visa Updates for Canada in 2024

In today’s video update, we’ll be discussing the biggest misconceptions surrounding Canadian PR in 2024. Previously, students and workers believed that obtaining PR through the Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) was straightforward, but this notion is being challenged.

PNP Reality Check

In the past, if you couldn’t qualify for Express Entry due to low points, you could turn to the PNP, particularly in provinces like Prince Edward Island, Yukon, Saskatchewan, and Nova Scotia. However, 2024 statistics tell a different story. These provinces are no longer the PR havens they once were.
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Challenges in Specific Provinces

Provinces like Yukon have closed their PNP due to high application volumes exceeding their quota. Similarly, Nova Scotia and Alberta have restricted PNP applications in the food services sector. Saskatchewan has released a list of in-demand occupations that no longer qualify for PNP.

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Shifting Opportunities in Other Provinces

Contrary to the challenges in these provinces, Ontario and British Columbia have increased their PNP quotas. Ontario has raised its quota to 21,500 from 16,500 in 2023. British Columbia plans to introduce three new streams from January 2025, benefiting international students, bachelor’s, master’s, and PhD graduates.

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Adapting to the New Landscape

With changes in the PNP landscape, it’s crucial for international students and workers to research and understand the PR programs of each province. Ensure your occupation is in demand before shifting to outer provinces for better PR chances.

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The 2024 updates reveal significant changes in the Canadian PR process, debunking old myths and highlighting new opportunities. Stay informed and make well-researched decisions for a successful PR application.

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