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International students face Deportation from Canada due to new rules ~ CIC NEWS MAY 2024

International students face Deportation from Canada due to new rules

Today’s blog update is about a Big Crisis as international Students Face Deportation from Canada.

We highly suggest you read the full blog and comment below if you or your loved one is affected by the new rules.

Indian Students in Canada Protest Deportation

Hundreds of Indian students in Prince Edward Island (PEI), Canada, are facing deportation due to recent changes in immigration rules.

The students have been protesting since May 9, fighting for their rights in what they describe as a “now-or-never situation.”

They have planned an assembly meeting on May 23 at 175 Richmond Street, Charlottetown, PEI, to discuss their demands and next steps.

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Unawareness from the Modi-led Government

Despite the growing crisis, the Modi-led government in India claims to be unaware of such developments, according to India Today.

This lack of awareness has left many students feeling abandoned and desperate for support.

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Denied Work Permits and Unmet Expectations

A significant issue for these students is the denial of work permits despite completing their studies. Rupinder Pal Singh, a leader among the protesters, highlighted three main demands:

Inclusion in the Provincial Nominee Program (PNP):

The students want to be included in the PNP system, arguing that they were working on valid permits before the new rules took effect.

Equitable Draws:

Singh called for draws to be conducted fairly, without relying heavily on a rigid points-based system that disadvantages younger immigrants in sectors like sales, services, food, and trucking.

Extension of Work Permits:

The protesters demand that their work permits be extended to compensate for the lost time and opportunities caused by the government’s policy changes and resulting economic issues.

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Provincial Nominee Program Changes

The PEI government announced a 25% reduction in the number of immigrants it nominates for permanent residency through the PNP in 2024.

This decision prioritizes certain occupations, such as healthcare and construction, citing strains on the province’s healthcare system and housing market.

Impact on Students and Local Economy

The reduction in PNP nominations has left many students, who were counting on these opportunities, in a precarious situation.

The PNPs allow provinces to select immigrants who can contribute to the local economy and address labor and skill shortages.

The recent changes in PEI’s PNP highlight the province’s struggle to balance immigration with local needs.

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The situation for Indian students in PEI is dire, with many facing deportation and an uncertain future.

Their protests aim to bring attention to their plight and demand fair treatment from the Canadian immigration system.

As the situation develops, the students continue to hope for a resolution that will allow them to stay and contribute to the Canadian economy.

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