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August 28, 2023

New Medical Requirements For Australian Student Visa

International students undergo various checks, and health check is one of them. In this blog, let’s look at Australia’s changes to Student Visa Medical Examinations.


If you were applying for an Australian student visa, you might’ve had to undergo a mandatory urine test. As odd as it may sound, this was to check if you have diabetes or kidney diseases, which could lead to costly healthcare.


However, this mandatory urine test was only up to 1 July 2023. Post July 2023, Australia has made blood tests their new norm for medical examinations.


Who Must Undergo These Tests?


If you’re above 15 and planning to continue your studies in Australia, you’ll have to get a blood test.


Kids between 5 to 14 of age are usually exempted unless there are specific clinical indications that might suggest you need to.

What’s The Reason For This Change?


Blood tests offer a complete overview of your health compared to the urine tests.


Australia wants to make sure that everyone who comes into the country won’t have any health issues that could put a strain on the healthcare system.

Your Health Check Depends On Where Your From


Your country’s risk level and the length of your stay will determine the required health examinations.


No mandatory health checks are required if you’re from a low-risk country. However, stricter requirements are placed if you’re from a high-risk country.


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