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New Canadian citizenship rules for those born abroad could be delayed until December

New Canadian citizenship rules for those born abroad could be delayed until December

Today’s blog update will talk about the possible Delays in Canadian Citizenship Eligibility for Those Born Abroad. We highly recommend you to read the full blog and share.

Changes to the Canadian citizenship rules for those born abroad might be delayed until December. An unknown number of individuals, born to Canadian parents outside Canada, could have to wait longer for their citizenship eligibility due to recent legal developments.

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Court Ruling on Citizenship by Descent

Last year, the Ontario Superior Court ruled that the 2009 restrictions on citizenship by descent were unconstitutional. These restrictions limited citizenship to children born in Canada if their Canadian parents were born outside the country. The court’s decision aims to eliminate the creation of two classes of citizens, giving Ottawa until June 19 to find a solution. However, the deadline has been extended to August 9, with a hearing on August 1 to potentially extend it further to December.

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Bill C-71: Amendments to the Citizenship Act

Bill C-71, introduced in late May, proposes automatic citizenship for those affected by the 2009 change. If passed, it will require Canadian citizens born abroad to spend at least three years in Canada before they can pass on citizenship to their children. This bill aims to make Canadian citizenship fair and transparent.

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Challenges and Impact on Affected Individuals

Many individuals, referred to as “Lost Canadians,” have been impacted by the 2009 law. The government is unsure how many people are affected. NDP immigration critic Jenny Kwan and other advocates have pushed for quick passage of the bill, but it has faced opposition.

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Future Steps

If the federal government does not receive another extension before Bill C-71 passes, the responsibility of deciding citizenship cases may fall to the immigration minister. Affected individuals will be able to apply online for a Canadian citizenship certificate. The government provides a digital tool to help determine eligibility.


The changes brought by this bill are expected to positively impact many families, restoring their sense of belonging and legal recognition as Canadians.

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