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Deadline Approaching for New Canadian Citizenship Law

Deadline Approaching for New Canadian Citizenship Law

Today’s Blog is about Canadian Court’s Deadline and the New Citizenship Act. We highly Suggest you to read the full blog and share.


The federal government faces a critical deadline next week to amend the Citizenship Act following a court ruling last year. The Ontario Superior Court ruled that Canadians born abroad receive a lower class of citizenship compared to those born in Canada. The government has until June 19 to address this issue.

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Legislative Challenges and Ministerial Discretion

If the bill does not pass in time, Immigration Minister Marc Miller will be responsible for deciding individual citizenship cases. “If it doesn’t come through, we’re sort of in no man’s land,” Miller stated. He emphasized that citizenship decisions should not be left to ministerial discretion.

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Proposed Changes and Legislative Hurdles

The new bill, introduced on May 23, aims to allow Canadians born abroad to pass their citizenship down to their children. This change would correct the inequalities highlighted by the court. However, efforts by NDP immigration critic Jenny Kwan to expedite the bill through unanimous consent were blocked by Conservative MPs.

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Impact of the 2009 Law and “Lost Canadians”

The 2009 changes under former Conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper restricted Canadian parents abroad from passing down their citizenship unless their child was born in Canada. This created a group known as “Lost Canadians.” The new bill seeks to rectify this by extending citizenship by descent beyond the first generation born outside of Canada.

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Urgency and Future Implications

With the House of Commons set to rise for the summer break at the end of next week, time is running out. The new legislation, if passed, would automatically grant citizenship to children born since 2009 affected by the previous law. The government remains uncertain about the number of individuals who will gain citizenship under the new bill.



The urgency to pass this new citizenship law cannot be overstated. As the deadline approaches, the government’s ability to resolve these citizenship disparities hangs in the balance. Stay tuned for updates as the situation develops.

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