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New Canadian Citizenship By Descent

New Canadian Citizenship By Descent Bill C-71

Today’s blog update is about Canada’s New Citizenship by Descent; Bill C-71. Expanding Access and Rights. So do read the full blog and share it with your friends and family on Facebook, Whatsapp and X (formerly known as twitter).

Introduction of Bill C-71

Recently, Immigration Minister Marc Miller announced the introduction of Bill C-71, a new legislation aimed at expanding Canadian citizenship by descent. This bill is designed to be inclusive while preserving the value of Canadian citizenship.

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Key Features of Bill C-71

Expanding Citizenship by Descent

Bill C-71 will immediately grant Canadian citizenship to individuals born abroad to a Canadian parent who was also born abroad before the Act took effect. Additionally, it will extend access to a direct grant of citizenship to children born overseas and adopted by Canadian parents beyond the first generation.

Criteria for Passing Down Citizenship

Following the implementation of the legislation, parents born abroad who have or adopt children outside Canada must have spent at least 1,095 cumulative days (approximately three years) of physical presence in Canada prior to their child’s birth or adoption to pass down citizenship.

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Addressing “Lost Canadians”

Bill C-71 will also address the issue of “Lost Canadians“—individuals who lost or never obtained citizenship due to outdated provisions in previous citizenship laws. The bill will reinstate citizenship for these individuals and grant citizenship to their descendants and anyone born overseas to a Canadian parent in the second or subsequent generations.

Implementation and Next Steps

Once Parliament passes Bill C-71 and it receives royal assent, the changes will be promptly implemented. Eligible individuals will receive more information on how to apply for citizenship through the updated processes on the official website.

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The introduction of Bill C-71, An Act to Amend the Citizenship Act (2024), marks a significant step towards inclusivity and fairness in Canadian citizenship laws. By expanding citizenship by descent and addressing the needs of “Lost Canadians,” the bill ensures that more individuals can rightfully claim their Canadian heritage. Stay tuned for further updates and detailed information on the official website once the bill is enacted.

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