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New work visa from 1 july Announced

Mobility Agreement Signed, New Immigration Programs Forthcoming

The Indian and Australian governments have signed a mobility agreement promoting immigration for graduates, students, and academic professionals. As a result, they can live and work in India and Australia.




Post-study work visa options with a validity of up to 8 years will be made available for Indians graduating from colleges and universities in Australia from 1 July.



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Indian nationals will be permitted to apply for a new pilot program called the Mobility Arrangement or Talent Early-Professionals Scheme (MATES) to live and seek employment in the country.

3,000 Indians employed in the following list of occupations will have access to MATES.

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Engineering
  • Mining And Renewable Energy Industries
  • Agriculture Technology
  • Financial Technology
  • Information And Communication Technology

Indian authorities will soon announce more details about the reciprocal program. We’ll ensure to keep you updated with the latest information, so keep following us to learn more.

The government of India and Australia signed the mobility agreement to boost economic cooperation between the two countries. Plus, the agreement would help in attracting and recruiting highly skilled workers from each other’s countries.

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