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Longer Working Holidays With Australia-UK Free Trade Agreement

By the end of the month, a historic free trade agreement between Australia and the UK will become effective after being delayed due to leadership instability in London.



The agreement suggests no tariffs will be charged on Australian products exported to the UK. Plus, more Australians will become qualified for longer working holidays in the country.



Moreover, the free trade agreement will ease the requirements for working holiday visas for British citizens and Australians employed across the two countries within two years.

This will be done by increasing the age limit for these visas from 30 to 35 years while extending the stay of visa holders to up to 3 years.

According to the UK high commissioner in Australia, people will be able to avail of these benefits by June.

As a result, an immediate impact on the number of goods coming into both countries is expected.

The UK high commissioner in Australia believes other aspects of the agreement, like the mobility visa changes, could be time-consuming since they have to go through legislative changes.

She further said that the next step would be to increase two-way investment.

With such a vast consumer base, there’s a lot of potential for boosting exports of Australian products into the UK.

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