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Key Updates on Canadas Family Sponsorships 2023 IRCC Updates September 2023

Key Updates on Canada’s Family Sponsorships 2023

Living far from your loved ones in Canada can be difficult, but with family sponsorship, you can end the long distance. Today, in this blog, we will bring you the recent updates that Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) has announced for Family Sponsorships 2023.

2023 Family Sponsorship Intake

IRRC announced on 8 September that they will be accepting about 15,000 sponsorship applications in the year 2023 under the Parent and Grandparent Program (PGP). The process will begin on 10 October by mailing 24,200 potential sponsors with the goal of collecting complete applications up to 15,000.

The Application Process

As there are still a high number of submissions pending from 2020, IRCC has decided not to start any new sponsorship form this year. The good news is if you filled out forms back in 2020 and haven’t received any invite in the past two years, Keep an eye on your email. The reason is that IRRC will choose a random subset of past sponsors and will invite them.

Easy Electronic Submissions

To smoothly facilitate electronic submission for the intake of 2023, the IRCC will still be using the Representative Permanent Residence Portal or Permanent Residence Portal.

Plan For Immigration Levels

IRCC releases an immigration plan each year, which provides an outline of its objectives for bringing immigrants to the country. According to the initiative for 2022, there were around 23,100 prospective sponsors invited to apply in favor of their parents and grandparents.

Now, in the year 2023, their goal is to welcome around 465,500 immigrants, out of which  28,500 will be parents and grandparents. Canada plans to have 500,000 newcomers in the country by 2025, which will include around 36,000 parents and grandparents.

The Super Visa

The ‘Canada Super Visa‘ offers up to two years of stay to permanent residents’ parents or grandparents or Canadian citizens. Through this visa, multiple entries are available in the span of ten years. This makes it a top choice if you wish to spend more time with your family in Canada.

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