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IRCC Plans To Boost Settlement Services

According to IRCC’s recent announcement, service provider organizations across Canada will get over $65 million in funding extensions. There are various settlement services, including services for racialized newcomer women, pre-arrival services, and language training for new entrants of Francophone minority communities.



The announcement primarily focused on highlighting the helpfulness of settlement services for newcomers in Canada. Newcomers can get information and support via these services to ultimately make informed decisions in life in Canada.



During the announcement, Parliamentary Secretary to the Immigration Minister Marie-France Lalonde talked about these services play a critical role in integrating newcomers in Canada successfully.

The pre-arrival services programs integrate new immigrants socially and economically by contacting clients directly and informing them of the services they require. It helps newcomers apply for recognition of their foreign credentials prior to their arrival. In addition to this, it connects clients with provincial and federal settlement services in Canada.

Lalonde’s other announcement stated that the YMCA of the National Capital Region is going to get more than $1.2 million, so it can keep providing valuable pre-arrival services to new migrants. Bob Gallagher, President and CEO of the YMCA of the National Capital Region, further added that such investments allow the YMCA to work effectively and help migrants easily transition to Canada.

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