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Canada Immigration Helps Breaking 36 Year Old Record!!

How Immigration Refined Canada’s Football Team for World Cup 2022

In this blog, we will be talking about the impact of immigration on Canada’s football squad for the Fifa World Cup 2022.

Canada made its second-ever appearance in the FIFA World Cup tournament. The country’s first after almost four decades.

Canada looked to be in much better shape after the unsuccessful group stage of the FIFA World Cup 1986, losing all three matches without scoring a single goal.

Canadians throughout the country were ready to support their home country’s football team after the long-awaited participation of their country in the world cup campaign. A Canadian sports news broadcaster said that this team has attracted the attention of the country similar to a few teams and athletes before.

The Canadian Team’s Campaign to Qatar 2022

After successfully qualifying for the FIFA world cup 2022 in their penultimate opportunity with a 4-0 triumph over Jamaica in Toronto, Canada battled the group stages with an appreciable performance. Canada’s team had some of the best players this year, including Alphonso Davies, the Bayern Munich winger, and Jonathan David, the Lille forward.

On Wednesday, November 23, Canada gave a tough time to the Belgian team, one of the best teams in Europe with top players like Kevin De Bruyne, the Manchester City midfielder.

So How Did Immigration Shaped the Canadian Team?

Canadians of all nationalities, ethnicities, and backgrounds will be cheering up for their team throughout the tournament, mainly because this team is a great portrayal of the international population, which is the foundation of this country.

Players in the Canadian team, especially those who have immigrated, have vigorous patriotism including Milan Borjan, who was born in Yugoslavia. He said that he is happy to play for Canada and return something that Canada gave to him.

Out of the total of 26 players in the Canadian squad for FIFA World Cup 2022, 7 are first-generation immigrants. This comprises 26.9% of team players, a figure close to 23% of Canada’s population comprised of immigrants. John Herdman, the head coach of Canada’s World Cup team, was also not born in Canada.

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