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International Students in Australia Demand Fairness and Respect Study in Australia 2023

International Students Speak Out Against Multiple English Test Requirements

Overseas students are spending a lot of money to take mandatory English language tests that come with a validity of two years, even if they have been living in Australia for years and have finished degrees in English.


Interestingly, students think that a conflict of interest among organizations responsible for setting the rules and administering the test is the sole reason behind their frustrations.


Did you know international students have to pass one of five English language tests accepted by Australia to apply for an Australian visa? Regardless, they could be asked to retake tests before pursuing higher studies in Australia or getting recruited by certain employers even if their initial education in Australia is completed.


For example, an international student with a nursing degree in Australia is required to pass a second English language test for registration with the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency.



The majority of the students opt for the $400 IELTS test owned by the British Council, the Australian company IDP Education, and Cambridge University Press and Assessment. Plus, nearly 11,000 organizations across the globe use the International English Language Testing System (IELTS).


According to a Home Affairs spokesperson, the government remains steadfast in managing immigration risk with the help of English language requirements. It also gives an equal opportunity to visa holders to contribute to the Australian community.

IELTS’ official website states that the IELTS partners suggest a validity of 2 years for the test results on the basis of the concept of second language loss. However, every organization has the freedom to pick a validity period suited to their requirements.


Overseas students from India, Pakistan, Iran, and China who are already struggling with extended security clearances to obtain Australian visas have also been forced to retake the test once their previous results expired.


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