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August 29, 2023

Indian EB-1 Visa Faces A Decade Long Retrogression

Skilled Indian professionals in the US have met with an unexpected hurdle with EB-1 Visas. Let’s find out what it’s all about.


The EB-1 Visa, known for its fast processing for exceptionally talented individuals, is facing quite a delay.


Now, the August 2023 visa bulletin for the US Department of State disclosed a whopping 10-year step back for Indian EB-1 applicants.



This means they’re looking at a final action date from January 1, 2012, instead of the previous date, which was February 1, 2022.


What Caused This Sudden Change?


Generally, the EB-1 category for India was almost always open. But this unexpected retrogression of 10 years has left people concerned.

The pandemic is one factor that has greatly impacted the EB-1 visa, especially the sub-category EB-1C, which is for multinational managers.


So, when global travel resumed in 2022, EB-1 visa petitions for FY2023 saw a significant increase, leading to this setback.

However, not all is doom and gloom!


The Department of State predicts that the cut-off dates for the Indian EB-1 could return to August 2023 levels by October 2023.


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