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USCIS Introduces New Online Appointment Request Form for In Person Appointments 1

USCIS Introduces New Online Appointment Request Form for In-Person Appointments

Have you been waiting for in-person appointments to re-open? Then, today’s blog will definitely interest you. Read till the end to learn all the details.


The USCIS has recently announced that they’ve introduced an easy-to-use online form for you to request an in-person appointment at your local USCIS field office.


Whether you’re an individual, an attorney, or an accredited representative, you can now quickly request an appointment instead of calling the USCIS Contact Center.


You can find this online form on the USCIS website. Through this, you can align in-person appointments for the following services:


  • ADIT stamps
  • Emergency Advance Parole (EAP)
  • Immigration Judge Grants
  • Afghan Special Immigrant CPR Status
  • Certified Copies of Naturalization Certificate
  • Deferred Action
  • T, U, and VAWA Inquiries
  • I-94 Cuban Paroles and Re-Paroles
  • Lost Immigration Visa Packets, and more.


A quick note – Although the system doesn’t allow self-scheduling, you can request the date and time of your preference.


But remember, the USCIS can’t ensure you’ll get your preferred slot.


Once you’ve requested, the USCIS Contact Center will look into their submissions and fit you in at a specific field office. They will then confirm the date and time and schedule your appointment.



Depending on the urgency and your appointment reason, the Contact Center could call or email you using the reference number of the request.



Why Did The USCIS Introduce This New Tool?


This new and convenient tool was actually created to support President Biden’s Executive Order on Transforming Federal Customer Experience and Service Delivery to Rebuild Trust in Government.

This order was signed on December 13, 2021, to improve the customer experience and service delivery management by the federal government.


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