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Shock and Alarm 6bn Estimated Cost of Illegal Migrants Plan Exposed

Illegal Migrants Plan Could Cost £6bn Over Two Years, Say Government Projections

Internal government estimations indicate that the cost of detaining and deporting illegal migrants coming to the UK in small boats under the planned new legislation could reach £6bn in the next two years.



The Illegal Migration Bill is in Parliament currently.



It is safe to say that the Home Office will need to spend somewhere between £3bn to £6bn on detention and accommodation facilities.

The bill enables ministers to remove illegal migrants from the UK.

Needless to say, those migrants wouldn’t be given asylum in the UK.

The UK government is adamant about taking strict action because record-breaking numbers of people arriving in small boats have been recorded. Plus, the cost of housing asylum seekers in hotels is turning out to be nearly £7m a day.

In addition to this, the Home Office confirms that the current asylum system is consuming £3bn annually.

According to a government spokesperson, the illegal migration bill will keep the boats away by ensuring smugglers and illegal migrants know that they will be detained and removed upon arriving in the UK illegally. That’s the only way to discourage them from taking the trip in the first place.

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