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Applying UK Skilled Worker Visa UK Work Permit Processing Time Skilled Worker Visa Cost in 2024

How long does it take to get a Skilled Worker visa?

When applying for a Skilled Worker visa, timing can be vital when making sure that your potential employee is in the UK for when you need them to commence work. Please keep in mind that UK employers and migrants need to be intensely aware of the processing times which apply to the Skilled Worker visa.


The Skilled Worker visa permits overseas migrants to reside in the UK and work for their UK employer for up to five years. If you are considering to apply for this type of visa, the processing time of your application will rely on whether you are applying from overseas, or if you presently hold leave under a different category of eligible visa and will be substituting from inside the UK.


Usually, Skilled Worker visa applications submitted from outside of the UK are administered within three weeks. Applications from inside the UK take somewhat longer, with a standard processing timeframe of eight weeks.

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On the other hand, a decision can be accelerated by purchasing the priority service for £500 for applications, where a decision should be made on your application within five days of registering biometrics. There may also be the option to purchase the super priority service for £1000, where a decision should be made by the end of the next working day following biometric enrolment. Whether a priority service is available for an application made from outside the UK will rely on the country you are applying from.

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If you are utilizing theUK Immigration: ID Check’ app, the only priority service accessible is the 5-day priority service, which costs £500.  Please note that this mobile app is restricted to EU nationals for entry clearance, on the other hand, other nationalities can sometimes utilize the app when applying from inside the UK.


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If you are applying for your Skilled Worker visa moderately close to your work start date, as designated on your Certificate of Sponsorship, you may desire to opt in for a priority service option to avoid a delay on your visa application.

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