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March 29, 2023

UK Visa Application Processing Time For Family Members Of British Citizens

Let’s learn about the UK visa application processing time for family members of British citizens if they apply from outside the UK.

It takes up to 24 weeks to receive a decision on your UK visa application once you attend your appointment at the visa application center. This is for applicants applying to migrate to the UK as the family member, spouse, or partner of a British citizen. Plus, it’s for those applying as the dependent of another applicant.

On the other hand, those applying for an EU Settlement Scheme family permit will receive a decision as soon as possible once they prove their identity and complete the required documentation.

Latest Family Reunion Updates

It should be noted that processing times for family reunions with a refugee or individual with humanitarian protection are currently delayed. Therefore, you may contact the Home Office if you don’t get a response from authorities after 9 months.

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