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Get Your UK Passport Fast Quick Easy Urgent Application Guide

How Can You Obtain A UK Passport Urgently?

Did you know you can secure your UK passport urgently if you have not yet applied and worry that the prolonged standard service would delay your travel plans?

You can do this by booking an appointment at a passport office and paying online. What’s interesting to note here is that you can book an appointment in advance for up to three weeks.

However, you are advised to call the Passport Adviceline if you have to travel urgently to receive medical assistance, attend a funeral, or tend to a family member or friend suffering from a serious illness.

Furthermore, you can get a quick service under the following circumstances.

  • You are in the UK.
  • You have to renew or update your passport
  • Apply for a child’s passport for the first time.

It should be noted that those outside the UK are not eligible to apply for an emergency travel document. Therefore, they have to use the standard service to get their first passport.

Plus, people who have applied for a passport but haven’t received it yet are advised against going for an urgent one. This is because it wouldn’t help them get their passport sooner. Instead, they can upgrade their existing application.

How Can You Apply For An Urgent UK Passport?

You have two options to apply for an urgent passport. Don’t forget that you are required to attend an appointment at the passport office to complete your application.

Let’s talk about the two ways you can opt to get an urgent UK passport.

  1. Online Premium Service

You can secure your new passport at the appointment, which goes on for 30 minutes. You may also use the online premium service to renew your adult passport.

  1. One-Week Fast Track

You can have your new passport delivered to your home within one week after the appointment at the nearest passport office. Remember that someone should be at the delivery address to sign for the passport.

You may use the One-Week Fast Track service for the following reasons;

  • Renew your adult or child passport
  • Change your credentials on the passport, for example, your name after getting married
  • Amend your personal information on the passport
  • Get a new passport if the old one is damaged, lost, or stolen.
  • Get your child’s first passport

We hope you found this information helpful. Follow our blogs for the latest updates and informative content on UK immigration.

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