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Higher Saving Should Be Shown For Australian Student Visa

Australia is one of the top destinations for students to get their degree. If you also want to study, then they stay updated. There have been some updates about Australian student visas that we will discuss in this video.


From 1 October 2023, all Australian international students must show a minimum savings of $24,505 to get the visa. This is an increase of 17% from the past requirement. By this, the Federal government ensures that students have enough funds and lower the immediate employment-related stress after arrival.

Key Highlights

Increased Savings Requirement: Now, the saving amount should be $24,505, which brings a rise of 17%, and has been revised for the first time after 2019.

Government’s Stance: The government highlights international students as major experts. According to Clare O’ Neil, exploiting international students will not be tolerated by the government.

Concerns Addressed: There have been cases where international students have abandoned their primary education and went for cheaper vocational training or prematurely entered the workforce. To address this issue, the government ensures the intentions of these students are genuine.

The update showcases the government’s effort to protect international students’ interests and maintain a reputation for quality education around the globe.

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