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Australian Immigration News 9th September 23 482 to PR in 2 years confirmed QLD Sponsorship Opens

Latest Australian Immigration Updates

Australia is a dream destination for many; are you one of them, too? If yes! Then, it is crucial that you are informed about all the latest updates. Recently, Queensland has announced important updates about its various visa routes, including the state sponsorship program. In this blog, we will lay it all out for you.

The Competitive State Sponsorship Program Of Queensland

On September 5, the official opening of this program took place, and there is expected to be high competition due to the Department of Home Affairs’ reduced allocation in 2023. To have a promising consistency rate for the whole year, invites will be sent out each month.

Updates Regarding Eligibility and EOI Updates

If you are interested in applying, then it is important to know that submitting a new Expression of Interest (EOI) was mandatory on September 5, but don’t worry; those who haven’t can submit one afterwards, too. However, to emphasise the importance of keeping documents in order and staying informed, no updated EOIs will be expected.

Are you a small business person setting up a business in Queensland? You may be concerned as the competition has turned quite high. Well, you are not the only one.

A Lot of business people who have started something to meet the small business owner pathway are concerned due to such high competition. The good news there is good news. According to Migration Queensland, all business owners will get their chance; however, no priority over other visa subclasses will be given.

Queensland’s Website Post On 482 Visa Holders

Recently, after a post on Queensland’s official webpage, the attention has quite been around the 482 Visa holders. According to the post, there’s good news for all TSS holders. By the end of 2023, the temporary residence transition stream under the employee nomination scheme Visa will be available to them.

Even though this news is quite exciting, it will be better to wait till the Department of Home Affairs officially confirms this.

The Power Imbalance

The current system has quite a challenge as migrants have to be dependent on their employers when it comes to sponsorship, and many end up facing an unfair power imbalance. Isn’t it unfair that a migrant works hard for years but still gets nothing at the end if the employer refuses to assist? All of these are raising questions like, why not introduce a system such as the regional employer-sponsored 494 Visa Pathway?

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