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New Guidelines For Diversity Visa Lottery Fiscal Year 2023

New Guidelines For Diversity Visa Lottery Fiscal Year 2023

Recently, the Department of State provided directions for Diversity Visa applicants selected for the fiscal year 2023. Such candidates are advised to submit to the Kentucky Consular Center (KCC) the DS-260 immigrant visa application form for themselves and any family members accompanying them.

After filing the DS-260 immigrant visa application, the Kentucky Consular Center will analyze it for completeness and place your application in a queue to be scheduled for an in-person visa interview, given that your priority date is current on to the Visa Bulletin.


This will be the process required of all Diversity Visa selectees for fiscal year 2023.


The Kentucky Consular Center warns candidates not to submit any other required supporting documents, other than the completed DS-260 application. This is because all accompanying documentation for DV-2023 selectees will be gathered and analyzed at the time of the candidate’s in-person visa interview at the embassy or consulate where the visa application has been filed.


Candidates that are selected should carefully go through the Department of State website for the required supporting documentation they have to bring on the day of their scheduled interview to determine eligibility for an immigrant visa. Those who are confused about the requirements should consider working with an experienced attorney for assistance.

The Department of State further warns selected candidates that failure to provide all the required supporting documents to the embassy or consulate may create a hurdle for applicants in establishing their eligibility for the visa and result in rejection of the visa application.

Rejections for lack of documentation can be prevented by providing missing documents to the Consular section later. But, to avoid delays, candidates should be ready before the visa interview and gather all the required documentation.

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