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September 5, 2023

Cheapest work visa routes to work in the UK

In today’s blog update, we will taking you through the 35 Cheapest UK Work Visa routes. You can Apply now with/without a job offer! So we highly suggest you to read the full blog till the end.


Did you know that The Graduate Academic Extension (GAE) Work Visa is an exclusive work visa route for temporary employment in the UK.


Snapshot of the GAE Work Visa:

  • A certificate of sponsorship is required to apply for a UK Work Visa.
  • Employment dates will establish your stay time in the UK.
  • A minimum of £1,270 is needed in the bank to prove that one can stay in the UK.
  • Identification documentation is required to apply for the GAE Work Visa.

The UK is always the first choice of every one to work and develop their career. The GAE Work Visa is not famous but is a very good option for applying for work in the UK. Applicants usually choose other visas like Tier 2 work visas.


The GAE Work Visa is suitable for applicants seeking fellowships, internships, or temporary employment in the UK. The GAE Work visa is intended to inspire cross-border collaboration and professional development. It also permits foreign professionals to increase valuable work experience in a vibrant workplace.

Schemes in GAE Work Visa

Candidates who desire to live and work in UK are permitted to select the following authorized programs schemes under the Government Authorized Exchange route:

Our blog ends here. Thanks for reading today’s blog update.

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