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March 14, 2023

Canadian Economic Mobility Pilot Program To Include 2000 Skilled Refugees

Today in this blog we will be talking about the developments in the Economic Mobility Pilot Program toward skilled refugees.

What is The Economic Mobility Pilot Program (EMPP)?

The Economic Mobility Pilot Program (EMPP) was planned to help skilled refugees to enter Canada through the existing economic programs for immigration.

The IRCC has said that it will offer funds to some partner organizations through the EMPP.

Immigration Minister Sean Fraser recently announced in a meeting that this program will allow 2,000 skilled refugees to enter Canada over the upcoming years to help the country’s labour shortages in particular high-demand sectors.

The EMPP assists in the hiring of skilled refugees by linking them with employees who are in urgent need of workers.

The partner organizations which will be receiving funds will be able to refer and support the candidates straight away. The following are the organizations which will be receiving funds as well as quality assurance reviews and training:

The Co-Founder and Global Programs Director at Jumpstart Refugee Talent, Bassel Ramli said that by partnering with the IRCC, Jumpstart is supporting employers throughout Canada in relocating and hiring displaced people while millions of refugees are pursuing durable solutions to assure better lives for their families. According to him, the Canadian economy is going through a chronic shortage of talent in a variety of sectors.

The government has assigned $6.2 million among the funds to support the partner organizations of EMPP.

Six different projects are receiving the funds. The organizations will be able to find qualified candidates overseas and support them and the employers during the process of interviews, hiring, and immigration.

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